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Why Invest in Brazil






A stable economy, rising tourism and a vibrant real estate sector are just some of the factors that are attracting a growing number of investors to Brazil. Brazil was awarded investment grade status in 2008 by Moody’s and Standard & Poor which positioned the country on a foreign investment fast track attracting billions of dollars of foreign investment dollars.


•   World’s 7th Largest Economy

•   Ranks ahead of its ‘BRIC’ counterparts Russia and India in transparency terms

•   Foreign exchange reserves surging to $355 billion in 2012, 6th highest in the world

•   Population of over 190 million

•   7 million housing shortage

•   Abundant natural resources

•   Brazil will produce more than 6 million barrels of oil per day by 2020

•   Over 300 new passenger aircraft  in the next 20 years to accommodate growth in tourism

•   2016 Olympic Games

•  The sunny and warm climate across all seasons combined with a stress free lifestyle attracts Europeans, Americans and Brazilians across all seasons


The Olympics will further raise Rio's international profile, increase foreign investment and boost tourism. Billions of dollars of investment in infrastructure and facilities is underway. This is in addition to 2014's successful World Cup that has been heralded as "the Greatest Tournament ever (BBC)''.


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